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Welcome to! is your source for silly dance tee shirts from, as well as Whimsies! and other shirts.

DTS Stuff

KillerSwing Austin

KillerSwing Cancun

KillerSwing San Francisco
  Other Dance Stuff
Magenta Studios
Magenta Studios
Mystic Ballet Dancer Vignette
and many other designs.

It's not just for f***ing anymore.

Dance Evangelist
If you thought "Dancing With The Stars" was great because it made you seem a little less dorky when you started talking...

Swing Evangelist
Have you heard the word of Frankie Manning?
Dancing On Words
Dancing On Words
Creations designed by Ana Bowlova.

Will Dance For Food
Though I can go quite a while without.
Food. Not dancing.

I'm Good. You're Hot. Let's Dance.
The benefits of dancing. Not to be confused
with "The Politics of Dancing."

Lindy Extreme
Fast Music. Slick Floors. Low Ceilings.
Lindy Xtreme.
Whimsies! by DDesign
Whimsies! by DDesign
Cool, cool Dance Gifts for
the hot, hot dancer in you!

Me Dance You Long Time!
By request from some ballroom friends...

Stage Troll
(But ask me to dance anyways)

Swing Voter
Because I Swing Dance...And I Vote!

My Kid Can Out-Dance Your Honor Student

There are no mistakes in Swing. Only variations.

Weak lead. No cookie!

I Swing Both Ways...East-Coast AND Lindy!

I Swing Both Ways...East-Coast AND West-Coast!

I Swing Both Ways...Hollywood AND Savoy!

It's good to be a girl!

It's good to be a guy!

Whip me! Swing me! Shag me!

I Go Both Ways...On-1 AND On-2!
(For Salsa Dancers)

I'd dance with boys if they ASKED me!